HEVEA Alfie natural rubber duck bath toy, very hygienic, plastic-free.

Alfie junior is a perfect bath toy for little babies and toddlers. Hevea bath toys are soft and pliable, but also durable. It's easy to grip and squeeze, even for the smallest of hands, encouraging baby's very important developmental skills.

Alfie is whistle-free so no disturbing noise and encourages baby's developmental skills through touch and feel. There are no perforations or holes in the bottom. It is 8cm tall, made in Malaysia under fair working conditions and designed here in Denmark. You can request to receive your Alfie unpacked, otherwise it will arrive in a nice box made of FSC certified paper and biodegradable materials.

It comes in a pretty box, perfect for girls and boys, made of FSC® certified paper and biodegradable materials.

Kawan Alfie Duck

  • Le nom "Hevea" provient du nom latin d'un genre d'hévéa, Hevea Brasiliensis.

    Avez-vous essayé de déterminer quels produits sont réellement durables et non toxiques pour votre enfant? Ce ne sont pas des mots à la mode pour la marque Hevea, mais ce sur quoi l'entreprise a été fondée il y a plus de dix ans ici à Copenhague.

    • 100% natural rubber - sustainably produced
    • Free from BPA, phthalates, plastics, petroleum and PVC
    • No added colors or synthetics
    • No perforation / hole in the bottom - removes dirt and mold build-up inside
    • Soft and tactile to the touch
    • No squeaky noise
    • Sleek packaging is made from FSC certified paper and biodegradable materials
    • 8 cm high
    • Made in Malaysia

Colissimo 48 / 72h

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