French Bulldog - Puppy parade French Bulldog

It can be used as a Bulldog bath or Bulldog teething ring

Characteristic of the breed: French Bulldog = Frenchie. He is a fantastic companion dog. It's both adorable and charismatic. Frenchie has incredible intuition and is very intelligent - this one doesn't miss a thing!

French Bulldog

  • The name " Hevea " comes from the Latin name of a genus of rubber, Hevea Brasiliensis.

    Have you tried to determine which products are actually durable and non-toxic for your child? These are not buzzwords for the Hevea brand, but what the company was founded on over ten years ago here in Copenhagen.

    • This Bulldog is made of 100% natural rubber - a renewable plant material, acting against climate change
    • Plastic-free, vegan and non-toxic
    • Malleable but durable - tough enough to be safe from dog / baby bites!
    • No holes, so incredibly safe and no risk of mold
    • Very hygienic and easy to rinse after use
    • Beautiful FSC® certified eco-friendly packaging that can be folded in a puppy house
    • FDA Approved Mineral Based Color Pigments Used For Coloring
    • Handcrafted in Morocco - each puppy is uniquely made with its own unique look - just like real puppies !
    • Size: about 9cm high / 3.5inch
    • A great gift option for kids, pets, or dog- loving adults!
    • Collectible range of different breeds of puppies - one might not be enough!

    Find your favorite - if there isn't one, let us know and we will!

Colissimo 48 / 72h

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